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The Viceroy

This is a viceroy, Limenitis archippus.  Biology classes often use it as an example of Mullerian mimicry.  In this type of mimicry, both species are distasteful to their potential predators.  It used to be used as an example of Batesian … Continue reading

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Shoe Butterfly

My sons are working detasseling jobs this summer.  Seed corn companies hire high-school and college aged kids to pull the male flower–the tassel–off of a corn plant to prevent pollination.  The corn plants are pollinated from rows of corn of … Continue reading


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The Little Wood Satyr

The little wood satyr, Megisto cymela, is a butterfly that loves the shade. It also seems to be found where poison ivy is found, so chase it through the shade at your own risk.  

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A Banded Hairstreak

I have been watching the milkweeds for hairstreaks lately, and have seen one banded hairstreak and a number of corals.  I came across this one more or less by accident.  This butterfly is not rare, but it is not common, … Continue reading

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Chasing the Regal Fritillary

Western prairies have a butterfly that is magnificently beautiful.  The name regal, which is part of its common name describes it. The regal fritillary is about the size of a monarch, and is a lovely dark brown with silvery spots … Continue reading

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