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Fall Color

We had a mild but rainy day today, and when I got home it seemed like several of the trees had turned color overnight. So I took some quick snapshots of the fall colors. This is autumn in Iowa.

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A Face Full of Pollen

It’s easy to see why honeybees are such good pollinators from this dandelion photo. Last week I was out of state on a training trip.  The accommodations were really good, and the class and people in it were top notch.  Still, I felt out … Continue reading

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More Signs of Spring

We finally have some leaves popping out.  The gooseberries seem to be the first to show up. And, down in the soft dirt is a red velvet mite.  

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The Pond now has Water

We have a little pond that totally dried up last year.   It has never been a big pond, and we haven’t had fish in it. Still, it’s a great pond for frogs.  We have five species that I am confident … Continue reading

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Suddenly, it is autumn.  It wasn’t yesterday. Autumn has the nicest days of the year.  But it also comes at a time when lots of other things are happening.  Do we have time to get outside and enjoy the days? … Continue reading

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Mourning Cloaks

There seem to be more mourning cloak butterflies, Nymphalis antiopa, flying around than one would normally expect for this time of year.  They perch in the trees and feed on fallen apples. Soon they will squeeze themselves into a tiny … Continue reading

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Summer is Slipping Away

My boys have started school.  One is a freshman, the other is a sophomore.  That is 9th and 10th grade for those of you who may not be familar with our system. With the days getting shorter and my life … Continue reading

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