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The Ninth Annual Day of Insects

Yesterday and Friday I went to the Ninth Annual Day of Insects, hosted by Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa. I have posted about this event in the past, but it keeps getting better and better.  This event is about insect … Continue reading

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Why Does Roadside Butterfly Habitat Matter?

Monarch butterfly numbers have taken a nosedive.  There were reports about this all summer, and a recent report over at the Texas Butterfly Ranch blog. The caterpillar host plants of monarchs are milkweeds of various species.  With the herbicide resistant … Continue reading

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Thinking Butterfly Habitat

The weather has turned cold and the butterflies are likely gone until spring.  Now is probably an odd time to think about butterfly habitat, but it has been on my mind. Iowa is mostly rural.  In fact, according to the … Continue reading

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Social Bug People

There have always been people who are interested in insects, and I have always counted myself as one of them.  It seems to me, though, that over the course of my life the social nature of activities related to insects … Continue reading

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Looking out the Window

I took this picture out the window yesterday.  The light wasn’t good, but still it is unusual to see ringneck pheasants in the yard. This bird is not native to North America, yet more money and efforts have been spent on … Continue reading

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Thinking about Butterflies in the Middle of Winter

I have been thinking about butterflies and butterfly conservation lately.  I know it is winter, but that is the way it goes. It seems to me that butterfly conservation efforts focus on the rare.  The Poweshiek skipper that I have … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Butterfly Conservation

Last week I attended an environmental conference in Charleston, South Carolina.  Charlestown is a wonderful town with lots of charm, friendly people, and good food.  However, I found myself contemplating negative issues regarding the habitats found in cities. One of the local speakers mentioned that fireflies … Continue reading

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