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Spring has Sprung (for now)

We had some very warm weather that made the crocus bloom.  I looked for it yesterday, and it was not blooming then. The wind is blowing very hard right now, and we will get thunderstorms (and maybe worse) in an … Continue reading

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Now it’s Spring

I keep finding some small signs of spring, but really it is not here until there are flowers blooming.  I looked for them yesterday, and I looked for them this morning.  Not blooming. But this crocus was blooming this afternoon. … Continue reading

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Maybe in a Few Weeks

The temperature hasn’t reached freezing today, and the weather forecast has below freezing temperatures for highs for the rest of this week.  But we are half-way through February. Every year I like to photograph the first flowers I see.  Judging … Continue reading

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Finally, some signs of Spring

Spring has been pretty slow around here.  Finally, a sure sign that it is here has shown up though.  The first crocus of the year has shown up in our yard. They may be slow because of the deep frost … Continue reading

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The Purple ones are Blooming, Too

Most years the purple colored crocus bloom before the yellow and white ones in our garden, and they usually beat them by a couple of days.  This year, the yellow crocus beat the purple, but only by one day. I … Continue reading

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First Flowers

Crocus are blooming. First garden flowers of the year. Ahhhh….  

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Spring has Sprung

I have no illusions that it is here for good, but today is a nice day. The sun pops the flowers right out. Flies eat a lot of different things. The high society types eat saffron.  

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Look What I Found Yesterday.

Down in the dead leaves, something is trying to pop out. Crocus.  I bet they will be in full bloom today.  

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Spring is Here

One of the first reliable signs of spring started today–at least today is the first day I noticed it.  The chorus frogs are singing. Oh, and the crocuses are blooming. Here is one of my photographs of a crocus bloom. … Continue reading

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