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More Bugs from Yesterday

On my little trip yesterday I saw one of the coolest looking critters around.  It is called a big-eyed toad bug, Gelastocoris oculatus. As the name suggests, they hop around like little tiny toads. I also found a damselfly, a … Continue reading

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This Looks Familiar

I have a couple of field guides to dragonflies and damselflies.  Still, it can be difficult to identify the insects from photographs.  This one looks like a familiar bluet, Enallagma civile. That seems the closest, anyway.  I think this damselfly … Continue reading

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Butterflies are Nouns, Dragonflies are Verbs

Teresa Green made a comment on one of my posts about how imaginative the common names for dragonflies are, compared to those of butterflies.  I had not thought about it before, but it is true. Butterfly common names are largely nouns, … Continue reading

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A Good Year for Odonates

This has not been a good year for butterflies so far–the numbers are way down from normal years.  There is a different story for the odonates–the dragonflies and damselflies. We have good numbers and variety. Odes can be difficult to … Continue reading

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