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Evening Wildlife

As the sun was setting last night, I looked out and saw this in the back yard. It was a challenging photo situation because of the lack of light.  I used a 105 mm lens, f/3.5, and 1/20 second exposure. … Continue reading

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Waltzing Flies

This winter, our dog Mackey discovered a dead deer (or maybe more than one) in the fields.  He brought pieces of it up to the yard.  It was pretty gross, and we tried to take these things away from him.  … Continue reading

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Deer from the Window

We had a deer right outside our window tonight.  It was too dark to take a good picture, so this badly underexposed photo was digitally lightened. I think it was looking for the pods of the black locust trees we … Continue reading

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Noncharismatic Megafauna

The term “Charismatic megafauna” refers to large wildlife that everyone wants to conserve.  Polar bears, moose, bison–all are charismatic megafauna. I ran across some of the less charismatic and less mega fauna on our place today. Here is a small … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

I have been temporarily sidelined from some of my blogging activities because of a busy schedule, coupled with a very slow internet connection.  We have one of those services that limits the download speed once a certain threshold has been … Continue reading

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From the Window

Like the most of the country we had a very nasty snowstorm Tuesday night.  I was able to use some vacation time and stayed home from work.  I have a little cabin fever now, but I should be able to get … Continue reading

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