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The Thrill of Discovery

It is a huge thrill to discover something new.  Even if that thing is only new to me, and maybe even if other people do not see the significance. Earlier this year I was able to see for the first … Continue reading

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Why I Bought the Boroscope

OK, so my last post was about buying a nerdy toy for myself–a combination microscope/boroscope. But I have these digger bees under my porch.  They make nests and provision them for their tiny larva. Wouldn’t it be kind of cool … Continue reading

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The Digger Bees are Back

I have a very large colony of digger bees living under my porch.  They showed up in numbers about Sunday of last week.  I was expecting them and watching for them.  I am not sure how much longer they will … Continue reading

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Cuckoo Wasps

Our house has a porch on its north face.  It is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the wildlife.  There are a number of trees and a little flower garden/patio area.  My wife has planted hostas at the edge … Continue reading

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Phorid Flies and Digger Bees

So if you read my post the other day here you know that I have a number of digger bees living under my porch. I think they are Anthophora abrupta, but I have not confirmed that yet.  Swan and Papp, … Continue reading

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Digger Bees

A few days ago I noticed a number of small bees.  I assumed they were small bumblebees.  Seeing large numbers of them I tried to locate their nest.  A little bit of searching showed a number of tubes in the dirt … Continue reading

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