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The Cherry Tree has Butterflies

Our cherry tree has lots of fruit on it this year–Pat has picked a bunch for pies.  Still, there is ripening fruit and over-ripe fruit.  And butterflies. This is called a question mark butterfly, named for the silver marks on … Continue reading

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Coping as Best I Can

Saturday after a long rainy day I ran across this northern pearly eye on a tree trunk. I have to confess that often I feel like this butterfly must feel.  I am coping as well as I can.

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More Sap Drinkers

I noticed lots of butterflies in our lilac bushes.  They were there for a reason–they were drinking sap. Here is a viceroy. And here are two northern pearly-eyes. This is a fairly common behavior for brushfoot butterflies.

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A Butterfly at Night

I walked around the yard the other night at twilight.  It was one of those days where the temperature was in the high 90’s during the day and it had cooled off to about 89 by that time.  It was … Continue reading

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