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Learning New Things

Sunday I went to the winter meeting of the Iowa Prairie Network, and attended a workshop on milkweeds by Tom Rosburg and Deb Lewis.  There was a lot of good information about how milkweeds are pollinated.  I knew a little … Continue reading

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Female Treachery

Yesterday was cool and cloudy and not a good day for photographing butterflies.  So I took some photos of flies.  I found one that was new to me and got some photos.  However, my work is not done–they have an … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Beauty

Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection was first published on November 24, 1859.  This was a year and a few months before the start of the American Civil War. Henry Webster Parker was a … Continue reading

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I have built some of my musings on this blog about a butterfly called the Poweshiek skipper, Oarisma poweshiek.  The species description was published under Henry Parker’s name, although I think Henry’s wife Helen played a more significant role in … Continue reading

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Why Politicians Need to Understand Biology

I have tried to stay away from politics with this blog, but today a politician made it impossible for me to do so. Todd Akin, Republican candidate for Senate from Missouri, said a woman can’t get pregnant from a “legitimate rape.” … Continue reading

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The Significance of Iowa’s Blind Cave Fish (Assuming They Exist)

The existence of cave-adapted animals is well known.  Animals that have adaptations that facilitate life in the complete darkness of a cave are called troglobites.  Troglobites are typically blind and have reduced amounts of pigments compared to their non-cave living … Continue reading

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