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Another Day, a Different Photograph

Yesterday I posted a photo of the seed head of foxglove beardtongue, a beautiful white prairie flower.  I went back today to get a different shot. Conditions were different and I used a tripod this time.  The new shoot, not … Continue reading

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Flies and Peony Buds

Peony flower buds secrete a sugary fluid this time of year, and that fluid attracts a number of insects, especially flies and ants.  I have not heard an explanation that seems very likely to me.  I have been thinking about it and … Continue reading

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The Purple ones are Blooming, Too

Most years the purple colored crocus bloom before the yellow and white ones in our garden, and they usually beat them by a couple of days.  This year, the yellow crocus beat the purple, but only by one day. I … Continue reading

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Basic Thripstography

I spent some time yesterday photographing thrips.  Thrips are very small insects that I know little about.  They were all over the dandelion flowers. These guys are a little over a millimeter long, which puts them at about the limits … Continue reading

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The Flower that Becomes a Puddle

I spent some time photographing insects on spiderwort today.  I found myself distracted a little by the flower itself. Here is a photograph I took some time ago of spiderwort.   We have three species of spiderwort here in Iowa.  … Continue reading

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