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November’s Life

This November has been unseasonably warm.  Then about half-way through the month we got a few inches of snow.  The snow melted slowly, but it was followed by rain and freezing rain.  Now the sun is out but it is … Continue reading

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A Wet Lichen

This lichen is on the bark of a tree in our yard.  Lichens take on stronger colors when they are wet, as this one was. I leafed through my book Lichens of North America, by Brodo, Sharnoff, and Sharnoff.  It … Continue reading

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Look what I Found!

I was looking for butterflies then I happened on this small mushroom.  It was kind of past its prime–starting to dry up a little.  I looked for more but was not able to find any. I am not really good … Continue reading

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Taxonomy Failure

I have another web site, http://www.poweshiekskipper.org,  where I have posted a bunch of stuff about Iowa’s biological diversity.  One of those pages is about fungi:  http://www.poweshiekskipper.org/fungi.htm A gentleman from the Prairie States Mushroom Club wrote to me and pointed out that … Continue reading


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