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Attitude in a Small Package

I split some firewood yesterday.  The wood was still fairly wet, from a branch which fell in the summer of 2015.  It still had bark on it, but the bark was loose, allowing for lots of critters to live underneath. … Continue reading

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I’m Sorta Back

I lost my camera–in fact, several cameras and lenses to a break-in a couple of weeks ago.   But I find that I need to take pictures.  Call it an investment in my mental health.  So I traded in an … Continue reading

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Unfinished Projects

I have a lot of unfinished projects–I work very hard on a particular project for a while, then I have a tendency to neglect that project while I occupy my mind with something else. I have done some work with … Continue reading

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Yesterday I moved some piles of firewood and came across a couple of upland pillsnails, Euchemotrema fraternum.  I was surprised at how well they seemed to be doing, given the extended drought that we had this summer. When they are … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunity

Pseudoscorpions are one of Iowa’s coolest groups of creatures.  They are very small–about the size of the head of a pin.  They have long claws, like a scorpion but they do not have the stinging tail. They don’t seem to … Continue reading

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