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In Iowa, Thinking about the Texas Butterfly Festival…

Wednesday it rained most of the day, so I spent most of it looking at my photos from the Texas Butterfly Festival and trying to identify what I had. Yesterday was sunny with a chilly wind. Today it is snowing. … Continue reading

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This is Osceola

This is George Catlin’s painting of Osceola. Iowa has an Osceola County and also a city named Osceola, which is located in Clarke County. A high school girl’s basketball team, the Clarke County Indians, put together a poster celebrating their … Continue reading

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Welcome to Iowa

Sometimes we just stand around and watch the traffic go by. Howdy! Between 1-35 and New Virginia, Ia.

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Spend a warm summer day on a slow river or along a gravel road in Iowa and you will likely see little tufts of cottony threads floating through the air. These carry the tiny seeds of cottonwood trees.  Cottonwood trees … Continue reading

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Three Habitats

This summer, I was able to attend a bioblitz at the Whiterock Conservancy near Coon Rapids, Iowa. On one of the field trips we saw three types of habitat typical to Iowa.  We traveled through the first two to find … Continue reading

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We are Butterfly Bait

I hadn’t seen my brother Carl in several months, and I was getting the urge to chase butterflies near where he lives.  So I called him up.  Carl brought his son John and I brought my son Max.  I was … Continue reading

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Why I Live Here

There are a lot of places a person could live.  I was born in Iowa.  I have lived most of my life here.  At times I have thought about leaving–living my life elsewhere.  There are lots of nice places. But … Continue reading

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The Rabbit in the Basement

We have a rabbit living in our basement.   You see, my son was in 4-H a few years ago, and got the rabbit so he could show it in the county fair. I always found the rabbit showing events … Continue reading

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Wild Turkeys

It has been a rainy day today, but we were treated to a couple of turkeys walking through our yard.  Turkeys were extirpated from Iowa and were gone for many decades.  Some time ago efforts were made to re-introduce them … Continue reading

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Are Iowa Republicans a Bunch of Racists?

There is a current news story about a contractor to the Iowa GOP posting a racism flow chart on the Facebook page of the party.  The chart was removed within a few minutes of it being discovered.  The story reported … Continue reading

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