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Don’t Know Much about Chemistry, Don’t Know Much Biology

I do know a little about chemistry and a little about biology.  But entire libraries have been written about both subjects.  Scientists know lots about both, and the subjects overlap. The thing is, though, that once you wade through enough … Continue reading

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A Click Mechanism

In the search for organisms that are able to convert kinetic or mechanical energy into chemical energy (kinetitrophic autotrophic organsms), we should consider the possible need for some sort of click mechanism. A click mechanism stores kinetic energy (or mechanical … Continue reading


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What’s the Formula for Kinetisynthesis?

If you define organisms that use the energy of motion to create food as kinetitrophic organisms, then the process could be called kinetisynthesis. So we are talking about hypothetical organisms and making words up.  Welcome to my world. If you … Continue reading

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Moving on…

My blog posts also get posted to Facebook, and for a short time I wondered if maybe they were too weird for Facebook.  Then I saw the post about the guy who went into Starbucks and was offended that the … Continue reading

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Where to Look

If we look for organisms that can convert kinetic energy into food–kinetitrophic organisms, where should we look? People who speculate on the possibility that life exists on other planets sometimes mention the possibility of kinetitrophic organisms among the half dozen … Continue reading

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