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Recent Butterflies

The last couple of days has been very hot with strong winds.  The winds make the butterflies less likely to fly around like they normally do.  When they do take to the wing they are obviously bothered by it.  They … Continue reading

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My Favorite Butterfly

If I had to pick my favorite butterfly I would come up with a list of a little over a hundred, which is by coincidence about the number of species we have here in Iowa. The least skipper, Ancyloxpha numitor, … Continue reading

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A Lucky Shot

The other day I was chasing a least skipper, Ancyloxypha numitor, and got this shot of it in flight.  Not the best picture of this butterfly in flight, but I kind of like it.  

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Yesterday’s Butterflies

Yesterday was a pretty good day and I got a little bit of time to photograph butterflies (as well as a number of other insects). This least skipper,  Ancyloxypha numitor, was restless and I chased it a while before I finally … Continue reading

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