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Another lichen

I found this unusual lichen on a pine tree in our yard.  I need to remember to look for it after rain to see what it looks like then. I looked through my lichen book and tried to figure out … Continue reading

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A Wet Lichen

This lichen is on the bark of a tree in our yard.  Lichens take on stronger colors when they are wet, as this one was. I leafed through my book Lichens of North America, by Brodo, Sharnoff, and Sharnoff.  It … Continue reading

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The Guy from Texas Beat Me to it.

We had a rainy day the other day.  I have developed a habit of wandering around with my camera for a little bit each day, and since it was cloudy and wet I mostly looked at the trunks of trees.  … Continue reading

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Fungus on a log

I have been splitting some firewood for the winter.  As you might imagine, the wood is quite wet this year.  As I moved a log, I saw a little mist coming out from between the logs, just as the sun … Continue reading

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