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So I moved into a new house and I took some photos…

There is a rock in the flower bed on the north side of the house, and it has lichens on it. This is the same rock. There is a little bit of moss under the deck. The light on the … Continue reading

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Adapting to Conditions

For several weeks I had been planning on taking three days off and doing some trips to look for some of Iowa’s rarer butterflies, and just to get out in nature in general.  So I took Wednesday through Friday off … Continue reading

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Lichen Christmas

We are having very unusual weather for Christmas.  Rain, lightning, thunder, and temperatures predicted to be as high as 50 degrees F. During a gap in the rain I went outside and took a photo of a lichen.  Nothing rare, … Continue reading

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Lichens on Bone with Mite

I like to photograph lichens after or even during rain.  When wet, lichens swell up and have very bright colors. These lichens were dry and on a deer skull. Even when dry, they have an interesting look.

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November’s Life

This November has been unseasonably warm.  Then about half-way through the month we got a few inches of snow.  The snow melted slowly, but it was followed by rain and freezing rain.  Now the sun is out but it is … Continue reading

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Death and Lichens

We found the remains of a deer a few years back.  We kept its skull and have it on a table outside. I noticed that there were lichens growing on it, and took this photo of some dried lichens in … Continue reading

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More Beauty in Nature

We have seen that flies can be beautiful.  But there is beauty all around us in nature. Some would argue that flowers are beautiful because they need to be bright and colorful in order to attract pollinators.   That same … Continue reading

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Old Iron and Lichens

I have featured an antique corn stalk cutter we have in our yard in the past, with photos of mosses that grow in its tongue.  Sunday I took some photos of the lichens that are growing on its old metal. But now the snow … Continue reading

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A Blog about a Rock

We live on the edge of the where the Des Moines Lobe of the Wisconsin Glacier reached its farthest southern extent.  You can see it in the landscape–a number of small hills show where the glacier stopped and dropped its load of rocks and gravel. This … Continue reading


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It Rained Today

A pretty good soaker, actually.  We got just under an inch of rain.  In normal years, some of that would run off, but this just soaked right into the ground. The rain made all the trunks of trees wet, and … Continue reading

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