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This Morning Before the Rain…

I went on a prairie walk at Tipton Prairie in Greene County, Iowa.  The prairie was quite spectacular today.  The vegetation that is found there is quite rare. This is a fiery skipper. I think this flower fly is Toxomerus … Continue reading

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Hanging with the bad boys…

I went out to take some butterfly photos today and came across this butterfly at the edge of the parking lot. This is a fiery skipper.  You make the bad jokes.

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Be Very Afraid…

Saturday I went to The Ledges State Park and chased some bugs.  I am happy to report that the canyon road was finally open and people were enjoying themselves immensely. I saw a bug that was new to me, although … Continue reading

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Some Common Butterflies

I spent a little time today and on Tuesday taking photographs of butterflies.  I was not in any special habitat, and the butterflies I saw were pretty common.  Still, I had fun doing it. This was a common buckeye. This … Continue reading

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Size in Butterflies

In “The Princess Bride” there was an encounter with “rodents of unusual size.”  Today I had an encounter with a butterfly of unusual size. I have photographed a lot of butterflies over the past several years, and having done so … Continue reading

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More Bugs from Yesterday and Today

Little yellow on smart weed. Velvet ant investigating the nest of a ground dwelling bee or wasp.  Since it is wingless, it is a female. Robber fly, female.  Efferia sp.? Tawny-edged skipper on bergamot.  Often butterflies that look like this … Continue reading

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Weekend Critters

I was able to hit a couple of prairie areas this weekend and admire the creatures that live in them. One thing the wordpress blogging site does when you insert a photograph is to insert a photo caption.  By default, … Continue reading

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More Time in the Prairie

I spent some time at Medora Prairie in Warren County today, photographing butterflies, getting my head on straight, and scratching my legs on the raspberries. I got a good look at a little yellow as I went in. These common … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Butterfly Irruption

We have had a strange combination of dry weather followed by very heavy rains here in Iowa.  We are also in the midst of an irruption (an extreme increase in the population size) of painted lady butterflies.  After the rains, … Continue reading

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A Better Day for Butterflies

I have been a little disappointed this year with my butterfly photography.  To get good butterfly photographs you have to have a good habitat for them.  I moved this spring, and I have had a hard time finding some good … Continue reading

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