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Moss and Snow

The Ledges State Park, Boone, Ia.

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Best of the Year

I sorted through some of the photos I took this year and here are the ten that I think are best. Have a happy new year.  (Oops–I got eleven)

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I found a new butterfly…

I discovered a butterfly that was new to me a few days ago.  No, they are not out flying around.  But I was looking at photos I took this year and came across this one. I took this photo at … Continue reading

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This Morning Before the Rain…

I went on a prairie walk at Tipton Prairie in Greene County, Iowa.  The prairie was quite spectacular today.  The vegetation that is found there is quite rare. This is a fiery skipper. I think this flower fly is Toxomerus … Continue reading

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Hanging with the bad boys…

I went out to take some butterfly photos today and came across this butterfly at the edge of the parking lot. This is a fiery skipper.  You make the bad jokes.

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Be Very Afraid…

Saturday I went to The Ledges State Park and chased some bugs.  I am happy to report that the canyon road was finally open and people were enjoying themselves immensely. I saw a bug that was new to me, although … Continue reading

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Some Common Butterflies

I spent a little time today and on Tuesday taking photographs of butterflies.  I was not in any special habitat, and the butterflies I saw were pretty common.  Still, I had fun doing it. This was a common buckeye. This … Continue reading

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Size in Butterflies

In “The Princess Bride” there was an encounter with “rodents of unusual size.”  Today I had an encounter with a butterfly of unusual size. I have photographed a lot of butterflies over the past several years, and having done so … Continue reading

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More Bugs from Yesterday and Today

Little yellow on smart weed. Velvet ant investigating the nest of a ground dwelling bee or wasp.  Since it is wingless, it is a female. Robber fly, female.  Efferia sp.? Tawny-edged skipper on bergamot.  Often butterflies that look like this … Continue reading

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Weekend Critters

I was able to hit a couple of prairie areas this weekend and admire the creatures that live in them. One thing the wordpress blogging site does when you insert a photograph is to insert a photo caption.  By default, … Continue reading

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