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I Love Milkweed!

We have sixteen species of milkweed here in Iowa. Some are quite rare and are a special treat to find. Common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca is not rare, and is found in a lot of our degraded habitats. It often grows … Continue reading

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Muddy knees, Wind Blown Seeds, and Butterflies

Yesterday and today I got outside and did a little bit of photography, after a hiatus that has been caused by weather and life events. These are the seed pods of common milkweed. Here is a single seed that has … Continue reading

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Milkweed Pollinia

I took some photos of insects on milkweed, and got a shot of this bee with the little pollen sacks that milkweeds use for pollination. Look on the tips of the legs.

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Finding Rare Butterflies

Right now in Iowa we have an opportunity to find some of the rare butterflies if we know where to look.  I will show you one way. This is a common milkweed plant.  Milkweeds are highly attractive to butterflies of … Continue reading

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