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Be Very Afraid…

Saturday I went to The Ledges State Park and chased some bugs.  I am happy to report that the canyon road was finally open and people were enjoying themselves immensely. I saw a bug that was new to me, although … Continue reading

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The Viceroy

This is a viceroy, Limenitis archippus.  Biology classes often use it as an example of Mullerian mimicry.  In this type of mimicry, both species are distasteful to their potential predators.  It used to be used as an example of Batesian … Continue reading

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Today’s Bug

As I walked along the gravel road by my house today, I came across this tiny moth, a wasp mimic. I’m not sure what it is–possibly Synanthedon pyri.

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Bee Mimic Flies

I recently photographed two flies that are obviously bee mimics.  They both look like bees–one a honeybee and the other a bumblebee.  Both sort of pump their abdomens–sending a not so subtle message that they have a stinger and are … Continue reading

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A Pretty Good Ant Mimic

While photographing the mound of the Allegheny mound ant I noticed what I thought was a black ant crawling on the grass that grows on the mound.  It was moving fairly rapidly, but I was able to get a few … Continue reading

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