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Think about Monarch Butterflies when you watch the Super Bowl this weekend.

Dr. Chip Taylor at Monarch Watch has been tracking monarch butterfly populations for about the last 20 years.  Every year, monarchs from the part of North America that is east of the Rocky Mountains overwinter in a concentrated mass in … Continue reading

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Why Does Roadside Butterfly Habitat Matter?

Monarch butterfly numbers have taken a nosedive.  There were reports about this all summer, and a recent report over at the Texas Butterfly Ranch blog. The caterpillar host plants of monarchs are milkweeds of various species.  With the herbicide resistant … Continue reading

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A monarch butterfly visited our flowers yesterday. I have heard talk about monarch numbers being lower than average this year.  In my experience, the numbers of most species of butterflies are low this year.  Monarchs are not noticeably rarer than … Continue reading

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