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Butterflies after Rain

We have been having some very dry weather lately, and today we had a small amount of rain.  Not nearly what the crops need, but the rain did bring the butterflies out in higher numbers than I have been seeing … Continue reading

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Butterflies in the Apple Tree

I saw some butterflies in the apple tree tonight. These monarchs were trying to find a roost for the night.  As it was not yet dark, they were still quite easily spooked and flew off shortly after I photographed them. … Continue reading

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Why Does Roadside Butterfly Habitat Matter?

Monarch butterfly numbers have taken a nosedive.  There were reports about this all summer, and a recent report over at the Texas Butterfly Ranch blog. The caterpillar host plants of monarchs are milkweeds of various species.  With the herbicide resistant … Continue reading

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A monarch butterfly visited our flowers yesterday. I have heard talk about monarch numbers being lower than average this year.  In my experience, the numbers of most species of butterflies are low this year.  Monarchs are not noticeably rarer than … Continue reading

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Monarchs Flying South

I got this photograph the other day of a Monarch flying.  They are migrating this time of year.  I just happened to like this image.

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Monarchs are flying high in the trees now and settling to roost.  In the evening I can see a half-dozen to a dozen at a time.  They seem to like the walnut trees. They will roost in small aggregations but … Continue reading

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Butterfly Survey Results–Lots of butterflies this year.

I have been doing butterfly surveys for the past eight years–mostly informally.  I do report the results of some of them to the Iowa Butterfly Survey Network, which is associated with Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University. I have been … Continue reading

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