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View from the Mud

I took some photos today in the yard and in the ditch. A couple of different mosses. You might know what this is if you have had any basic botany classes, or even introductory biology classes.  I will let you … Continue reading

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Why are There so Many Mosses?

I traveled a little this week and found myself in Arkansas.  I was able to get away after my classes and wandered around in the woods with my camera.  Today I went to the Ledges here in Iowa and was … Continue reading

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November’s Life

This November has been unseasonably warm.  Then about half-way through the month we got a few inches of snow.  The snow melted slowly, but it was followed by rain and freezing rain.  Now the sun is out but it is … Continue reading

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More Beauty in Nature

We have seen that flies can be beautiful.  But there is beauty all around us in nature. Some would argue that flowers are beautiful because they need to be bright and colorful in order to attract pollinators.   That same … Continue reading

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Another Moss

This moss was located in an area where we have had some small fires of wood and a little debris.   It seems to be mostly on top of a pile of ashes. Ashes to ashes, ashes to moss.

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Just Another Yard Moss

I took a photograph of another moss in my yard the other day.  I think it may be Physcomitrium pyriforime.      

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The Mosses are Blooming

Well, they are not blooming in the strict botanical sense.   But they are becoming quite beautiful. I posted some photos of a moss from our yard a couple of weeks ago.  The little hazelnut shell I was using as a marker … Continue reading

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Notice any difference?

I showed a photo of a moss on the third, and I tried to photograph it from about the same angle today. Notice any differences?  For reference, here is the photo from five days ago. Growth can be slow and … Continue reading

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The Remains of Fall, the Start of Spring

Common milkweed from last year, with its silky wind-blown seeds, remains standing. Below it, a moss is starting to grow its new seta. The capsules will develop rapidly in the next few weeks. The cycle of the seasons is something … Continue reading

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Greening Up

With the arrival of spring and moisture from the melting snow, mosses which are found in the lawn are starting to turn a robust green.  

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