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One That Got Away

Yesterday a road grader scraped the gravel road by our place.  That left an area of slightly moist dirt where some butterflies attempted to mud.  I don’t think they were successful–the dirt being just a little too dry. I was able to … Continue reading


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Death, Denial, Drinking, and Social Butterflies

Butterflies engage in a behavior called “mudding” or “mud puddling”.  They visit areas with wet sand or mud and drink. There seems to be a social element to this activity because the butterflies tend to form small groups that are clustered … Continue reading

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Little yellows are back

One of my favorite butterflies is the little yellow, Pyrisitia lisa.  They have been missing from Iowa for the last two years.  They do not over winter here but repopulate from the south each year.  Weather conditions were not favorable … Continue reading

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Road Hunting for Butterflies

We had over three inches of rain this morning–saturating the gravel roads around here. That makes great conditions for butterflies–the engage in a behavior called “mudding”.  Most of the butterflies which do this are males.   They stand on the wet … Continue reading

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