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Spring has Retreated

I was very happy to see the crocus bloom last week.  But the warm weather that helped the crocus bloom quickly turned cold.  We had about an inch of snow, most of which melted.  It is still cold, and we … Continue reading

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More Insects

Here are some photos from yesterday. A dance fly, possibly Empis clausa. Peck’s skipper, Polites peckius. And a small bee, possibly Ceratina. The weather is still nice, but turning to autumn.

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White Pelicans in Flight

Yesterday I spent some time at Saylorville Reservoir and watched some white pelicans in flight. My photos do not do them justice.  These huge birds have a graceful, soaring flight.  When seen from a distance they are magnificent.  As the … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Critters

I saw some neat critters yesterday as I was wandering around with my camera. This is a tachnid fly, probably a Cylindromyia sp.   A bullfrog found his way across the lawn. A Blanchard’s cricket frog hopped along the edge of … Continue reading

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Failed at Frogger

Life is made mostly of proteins.  Protein is about 16% nitrogen.  Plants convert sunlight into sugars, and the structures of plants are made of cellulose.  Sugars and cellulose don’t contain nitrogen.  As a result, plants contain a significantly lower percentage … Continue reading

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Highly Modified Nature

Yesterday I did some photography along Saylorville Reservoir.  This is a flood-control reservoir on the Des Moines River. From an ecological standpoint, flood control reservoirs are a really bad idea.  They create environments that are highly modified by man.  Still, … Continue reading

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Closing in on Some of Those Resolutions

In December or 2013 I made some resolutions for the new year, 2014.  I did not share the usual ones, but I did share some of the odd resolutions I had about bugs I wanted to find and photograph. One … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Bugs

Sunday I was able to get out a little and take some pictures of insects. This is the spotted lady beetle, Coleomegilla maculata on a spiderwort flower.  The spotted lady beetle is one of the native lady beetles, and is … Continue reading

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We have some asparagus which has flowered and is going to seed. Asparagus has been used by florists as greenery in funeral bouquets.  As a result, it often grows wild in cemeteries,  especially around the fences in rural cemeteries.  When … Continue reading

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First of the Year Butterflies

I had some business to do today so I took a day off from work.  I got some first-of-the year butterflies:  First photographed for all of them, first seen for the eastern comma and American lady. First, the eastern comma. … Continue reading

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