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This Looks Familiar

I have a couple of field guides to dragonflies and damselflies.  Still, it can be difficult to identify the insects from photographs.  This one looks like a familiar bluet, Enallagma civile. That seems the closest, anyway.  I think this damselfly … Continue reading


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I Can Get Close to a Twelve-Spotted Skimmer

This one may have emerged recently enough that it did not fly as readily.  When dragonflies are young adults they are called teneral.  They are typically brown or black, and their colors deepen (or brighten) with time. Three blue spots … Continue reading

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The last couple of days I attended a bioblitz at Whiterock Conservancy.  A bioblitz is a social event in which participants attempt to identify as many organisms, usually within specific groups, as possible. Here, Tom Rosburg is leading a group … Continue reading

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How Do You Sneak up on a Twelve-spot Skimmer?

Photographing dragonflies can be more difficult than photographing butterflies.  Dragonflies have better eyesight and respond to the slightest motion on the part of the photographer. This one was not too bad, but it moved several times.  Getting this close to … Continue reading

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A Good Year for Odonates

This has not been a good year for butterflies so far–the numbers are way down from normal years.  There is a different story for the odonates–the dragonflies and damselflies. We have good numbers and variety. Odes can be difficult to … Continue reading

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