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Size in Butterflies

In “The Princess Bride” there was an encounter with “rodents of unusual size.”  Today I had an encounter with a butterfly of unusual size. I have photographed a lot of butterflies over the past several years, and having done so … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Butterfly Irruption

We have had a strange combination of dry weather followed by very heavy rains here in Iowa.  We are also in the midst of an irruption (an extreme increase in the population size) of painted lady butterflies.  After the rains, … Continue reading

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New England Asters are really attracting butterflies now–mostly orange sulfurs. And, I saw a nice gray hairstreak and was able to spend some time photographing it. Oh, yeah–I was laid off from my job today, too–part of the federal government … Continue reading

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Lots of Butterflies Today

It got warm today, and we had lots of butterflies.  I counted 75 on my lunch walk today–probably the highest total for the year.  Most were orange sulfurs, but I saw a monarch, a couple of painted ladies, dainty sulfurs, … Continue reading

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The Last Sipper

I am not sure when we will have the last butterfly sipping nectar from a flower for the year–hopefully we have a few more weeks of butterflies.  But their numbers are pretty low. This is an orange sulfur.  The seed … Continue reading

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Not So Many Butterflies

Most years find September a great time for butterflies.  During a normal year, I would find dozens or hundreds of butterflies competing for the nectar resources of asters in my prairie. Tonight I only found three.  Two orange sulfurs and … Continue reading

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More Late Butterflies

We have had cool, rainy weather as of late, but today was sunny and even warmed up a little.  A small number of butterflies were out–we had orange sulfurs, one red admiral, and one skipper of some kind. I found … Continue reading

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Ants and Butterflies

I checked out the plant that had the aphids and ants on it again tonight.  It seemed to me that there were fewer ants and especially fewer aphids than yesterday.  Why?  Or was it just my imagination–I did not count … Continue reading

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Late Season Butterflies

I took this week off as a vacation from work.  As a result, I have been able to get out in the middle of the day to photograph butterflies. The weather has been beautiful, although just a little bit on … Continue reading

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