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Can You Teach about Osceola in Osceola?

Osceola County in Florida is currently dealing with a significant amount of controversy regarding recent bans on the teaching of “Critical Race Theory” and the teaching of “divisive concepts” with regard to race. This brings up an interesting question: Can … Continue reading


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Osceola Died Because He Refused Modern Medical Treatment

Osceola was captured under a flag of truce, then died while still in prison.  The physicians who saw him wanted everyone to know that they were not responsible for his death.  He died because he refused medical treatment.   From … Continue reading

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This is Osceola

This is George Catlin’s painting of Osceola. Iowa has an Osceola County and also a city named Osceola, which is located in Clarke County. A high school girl’s basketball team, the Clarke County Indians, put together a poster celebrating their … Continue reading

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The History of the Butterfly, part 128: The Indians go to New York

A number of the Indians whose names became places in Iowa were treated like rock stars when they visited Boston on October 30, 1837.  The local population greeted them warmly.  Both sides exhibited what seems to have been genuine affection … Continue reading

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