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Recent Butterflies

The last couple of days has been very hot with strong winds.  The winds make the butterflies less likely to fly around like they normally do.  When they do take to the wing they are obviously bothered by it.  They … Continue reading

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Not So Many Butterflies

Most years find September a great time for butterflies.  During a normal year, I would find dozens or hundreds of butterflies competing for the nectar resources of asters in my prairie. Tonight I only found three.  Two orange sulfurs and … Continue reading

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So Little Time

Things get a little rushed this time of year.  Yesterday we spent most of the day in a city a couple of hours away watching soccer games. The light fades faster in the fall.  Tonight when I got home I … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Butterfly

I did some butterfly chasing this afternoon and got a photograph of this painted lady, Vanessa cardui.   Painted ladies can be very common but there aren’t so many right now. Butterfly photography, at least the way I do it, requires … Continue reading

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Even More Butterflies

If you have been following my comments, you might think that red admirals are the only butterflies around.  That could not be farther from the truth.  There have been greater than normal numbers of several species of butterfly.  You do … Continue reading

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Butterfly Survey Results–Lots of butterflies this year.

I have been doing butterfly surveys for the past eight years–mostly informally.  I do report the results of some of them to the Iowa Butterfly Survey Network, which is associated with Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University. I have been … Continue reading

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