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Might be Mites

Back near the end of October I had the occasion to split some firewood, and ran across some ants within one of the logs I split. I am not an ant expert, but I think that the species is Camponotus … Continue reading

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Another Cool Bug to Watch For

Sometimes to find a cool bug you have to look at another.  Case in point: This is a planthopper, probably Acanalonia conica.  It’s pretty cool itself.  But there is another critter I would like to find that is sometimes associated … Continue reading

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My Home is my Castle

I saw these dogbane moth caterpillars the other day. They use silk to bind some leaves together in a loose structure, then surround that area by a nearly invisible network of silk.  While I was watching, I saw a parasitic … Continue reading

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When Flies have Fleas

This picture-winged fly,  Rivellia species has a fairly large mite on its side. In spite of the additional load, it was able to fly off with no apparent problem.  

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The End of the Butterfly Irruptions?

There have been irruptions–rapid increases in the numbers–of several butterfly species this season. Will irruptions of the natural predators of those butterflies cause a decrease in the numbers?  This is one of those natural predators.  This is a tachnid fly–I … Continue reading

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Phorid Flies and Digger Bees

So if you read my post the other day here you know that I have a number of digger bees living under my porch. I think they are Anthophora abrupta, but I have not confirmed that yet.  Swan and Papp, … Continue reading

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What’s That Weird Red Thing?

I saw this plant bug the other day with a weird red thing on it.  At first I thought it was a mite.  After looking at it closely I am not so sure.  But I don’t have a good idea … Continue reading

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Nature at its Ugliest

Nature is not always beautiful or cute.  Sometimes it is cruel and ugly.  On July 14, 2010, while I was watching the mound of Formica exsectoides, I saw a very small form crawling up and down a blade of grass … Continue reading

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