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Flies and Peony Buds

Peony flower buds secrete a sugary fluid this time of year, and that fluid attracts a number of insects, especially flies and ants.  I have not heard an explanation that seems very likely to me.  I have been thinking about it and … Continue reading

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Peony Buds

Our peonies are getting close to blooming.  Peonies at this stage secrete some kind of nectar or sap that is very attractive to insects.  Often you will see the buds covered with ants. They are also quite attractive to flies.  … Continue reading

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Peony Ants

Peony buds always seem to attract a number of ants. I think this is Formica subsericea Either there are numbers of ants or there are numbers of other insects–often flies. These peonies had a number of very colorful bluebottle flies, … Continue reading

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