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An Oddly-colored Butterfly

I photographed this butterfly near my small reconstructed prairie this morning. The morning was a little cool and this individual was reluctant to fly, so I was able to pull some of the grass stems near it to get a … Continue reading

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First Butterfly Photo of the Year

I got my first butterfly photo of the year today.  Here it is: It was a pretty underwhelming picture of a pearl crescent.  I have not seen pearl crescents this year until today, and they seem fairly thick now.  I … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Accidents are the Best Photos

Butterfly photography takes a lot of skill and concentration.  Usually I have a specific goal in mind.  While photographing this male pearl crescent I had the sun to my back and was trying to get a shot of the butterfly … Continue reading

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I have often seen pearl crescents, Phyciodes tharos, chasing each other in pre-mating rituals.  Often there are three–one female and two males in competition for the same female. Here is a case where the male which has lost just won’t give … Continue reading


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