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Wandering Around

We finally had some warm and dry weather so I wondered around the property.  This winter and early spring I spent some time photographing a moss on an old elm stump at the edge of our yard.  I went over … Continue reading

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Really Red

The other day I photographed an insect that had the brightest red color I think I have ever seen. Turns out it is a sawfly–a type of wasp.     Its caterpillar-like larvae eats poison ivy. Its name is Arge … Continue reading

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Another Butterfly

Monday I saw this butterfly in the ditch by our road.  I am tempted to say it is one of my favorites, but they all are.  I do especially like these, however. The little wood satyr, Megisto cymela is a … Continue reading

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Wild Parsnip and Poison Ivy

A few days ago I noticed a number of small blisters on the backs of my fingers.  They itched like crazy at times, and hurt when touched.  I also noticed two or three larger blisters on my legs. Poison ivy?  I … Continue reading

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Mixed Feelings about October

October in Iowa is clearly the prettiest month and usually has the most comfortable weather.  Fall colors are just beautiful and the nights are cool while the days are sunny and warm. I can’t think of a place I would … Continue reading

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