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Late Season Pollinators

Sunday I went to Marietta Sand Prairie (right after Iowa State won their ball game).  I was hoping to find some late season insects.  I had not been out with my camera for a few weeks because the weather and … Continue reading

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Cool Fly

Some sort of dance fly.

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Aster Visitors

Late in the year few flowers are blooming except asters.  I am not sure the species, nor have I taken the time to identify the insects that I photographed.  Maybe it is because I am hearing the presidential debates in … Continue reading

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More Insects

Here are some photos from yesterday. A dance fly, possibly Empis clausa. Peck’s skipper, Polites peckius. And a small bee, possibly Ceratina. The weather is still nice, but turning to autumn.

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San Diego Bugs

I recently spent a week in San Diego California for a course that was required as part of my work.  Since it was below freezing when I left, and snowed here in Iowa while I was gone,  I was sort … Continue reading

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Syritta pipiens

To celebrate the end of pollinator week, here is a photo of a small syrphid fly, Syritta pipiens. Just another pollinator.

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Flies are Pollinators, too

This is national pollinator week.  Insects are getting some long-overdue conservation attention. I wish I could tell you what this is.  It is some kind of fly, possibly a dance fly.  Beyond that I don’t know. Hundreds or probably thousands … Continue reading

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There is a Fly in My Buttercup

This fly, a Toxomerus species, was getting some breakfast from a buttercup. Small flower, tiny fly.

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Another Tiny Bee

I spent some time yesterday photographing very small insects on dandelions.  This small bee was identified as Osmia sp., in the subgenus Melanosmia.  The I.D. was made rather quickly by John S. Ascher on bugguide.  

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A Face Full of Pollen

It’s easy to see why honeybees are such good pollinators from this dandelion photo. Last week I was out of state on a training trip.  The accommodations were really good, and the class and people in it were top notch.  Still, I felt out … Continue reading

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