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Six Species of Frogs (or maybe seven, or eight, or even nine)

Our little pond has attracted at least six species of frogs.  Pond might be a stretch–puddle is probably closer to the truth.  The pond is not very deep and dries out in more years than not.  But it is great … Continue reading

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Relaxing at the Pond

I spent some time at our pond today, just getting my head on straight.  Of course, what I call a pond might not meet everyone’s definition.  And what I think of as relaxing would would also not be viewed as … Continue reading

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The Pond Went Dry (Again)

We have a small pond on our property.  Most years it retains a small amount of water all year long.  Last year, after an extended drought, it went dry.  This year we had ample spring rains, and it filled with … Continue reading

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Is This our Old Friend or Someone New?

I have posted a number of photographs of ruby meadowhawks, Sympetrum rubicundulum, in the recent past.  I think this may be a white-faced meadowhawk, Sympetrum obtrusum.  They look quite similar except for the color of the face.

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The Eastern Pondhawk

Another dragonfly that seems to be quite common right now is the eastern pondhawk, Erythemis simplicicollis.  This species, like many dragonflies, is sexually dimorphic.  This is what the mature males look like. And the female is below: I haven’t identified … Continue reading


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