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A Few More Bugs

I went to Christiansen Forest Preserve tonight and wandered around with the camera.  I found a few cool looking insects. This plains clubtail was fairly active.  It spent some time in the short grass of the mowed path, but took … Continue reading

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The Bluebirds are Gone

We had some snow here a few days ago.  It was early, and I am not really ready for it.  But the bluebirds are–they have been gone for some time. Their house will serve nicely for deer mice for the … Continue reading

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The Last Sipper

I am not sure when we will have the last butterfly sipping nectar from a flower for the year–hopefully we have a few more weeks of butterflies.  But their numbers are pretty low. This is an orange sulfur.  The seed … Continue reading

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When Prairie Takes Hold

I was thinking about my Dad the other day–his birthday is coming up, and I have been doing some tasks that involve me looking at old pictures. Dad was very hard-of-hearing.  He was totally deaf in one ear, and had … Continue reading

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On a Personal Note

Yesterday I went to visit my Dad.  My two sons went with me, which was unexpected but nice. Dad was recently in the hospital, and was moved to a hospice.  But he is a tough old geezer–he has been in … Continue reading

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