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In Iowa, Thinking about the Texas Butterfly Festival…

Wednesday it rained most of the day, so I spent most of it looking at my photos from the Texas Butterfly Festival and trying to identify what I had. Yesterday was sunny with a chilly wind. Today it is snowing. … Continue reading

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Spring has Retreated

I was very happy to see the crocus bloom last week.  But the warm weather that helped the crocus bloom quickly turned cold.  We had about an inch of snow, most of which melted.  It is still cold, and we … Continue reading

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Late Season Butterflies

I walked around a little today and found this eastern comma.  Initially it was in the driveway, appearing to sample the dirt for minerals.  Then it went to the yard, and stuck its tongue on and around one of the … Continue reading

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Now it’s Spring

I keep finding some small signs of spring, but really it is not here until there are flowers blooming.  I looked for them yesterday, and I looked for them this morning.  Not blooming. But this crocus was blooming this afternoon. … Continue reading

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Maybe in a Few Weeks

The temperature hasn’t reached freezing today, and the weather forecast has below freezing temperatures for highs for the rest of this week.  But we are half-way through February. Every year I like to photograph the first flowers I see.  Judging … Continue reading

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Late Spring

We are having a late spring here in Iowa.  About half a dozen people reported seeing first butterflies–mostly mourning cloaks–on March 30, which is the latest date for first reports of butterflies in the last several years. I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Winter Thaw

I am not such a big fan of winter–it is not really a good season for macro photography.  We have had several days in a row with high temperatures below freezing.  But today it got above 50 F.  So we … Continue reading

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Don’t You Just Love March?

I like to take pictures of flowers and bugs.  That’s my hobby.  March should be a good time to do that.  Instead, I got this photograph of icicles on the porch steps. Here’s a photo I took this date last … Continue reading

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Dad’s Photo Album

In 1995 my Dad and I would frequently visit a prairie remnant in Lake Hawthorne State Park near Barnes City, Iowa.  I had previously spent a lot of effort trying to be as unlike my Dad as possible.  We found … Continue reading

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