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Butterflies after Rain

We have been having some very dry weather lately, and today we had a small amount of rain.  Not nearly what the crops need, but the rain did bring the butterflies out in higher numbers than I have been seeing … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Butterflies

Yesterday was a pretty good day and I got a little bit of time to photograph butterflies (as well as a number of other insects). This least skipper,  Ancyloxypha numitor, was restless and I chased it a while before I finally … Continue reading

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Butterflies in Love

I witnessed some courtship behavior in silvery checkerspots, Chlosyne nycteis today. It seems the female is in front–it is slightly larger than the male.  Both sit on a leaf, and the female rapidly vibrates with her tail raised.  The male … Continue reading

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A good day for butterflies

Today was very warm–highs in the 90’s.  That made it a very good day for butterflies. This Peck’s skipper was flitting around the flower garden.  I used a flash because it was down in a shady part of the weeds … Continue reading

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