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A Short Walk in the Woods

I  went to The Ledges today to get a little bit of time out in nature.  The trails are wet because we have had so much rain lately, and the gnats are pretty nasty.  Still, it was good to get … Continue reading

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Catch of the Day

I am doing a workshop for a local event called Day of Insects.  My workshop is actually  on March 23, 2018, a day prior to the main event.  I am no kind of expert on snails, but I am an … Continue reading

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How do Snails Move?

My life has taken some turns that I don’t like and didn’t want, and as a result I have had many sleepless nights. I have been able to calm my nerves by working on some projects that take my mind … Continue reading

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I wanted to be somewhere else today.  The Jackson County Conservation Commission is sponsoring a bioblitz today, and I had planned on attending.  However, I have an unresolved health issue (hopefully nothing major but it is kicking my butt right … Continue reading

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Relaxing at the Pond

I spent some time at our pond today, just getting my head on straight.  Of course, what I call a pond might not meet everyone’s definition.  And what I think of as relaxing would would also not be viewed as … Continue reading

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Unfinished Projects

I have a lot of unfinished projects–I work very hard on a particular project for a while, then I have a tendency to neglect that project while I occupy my mind with something else. I have done some work with … Continue reading

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Why Snails are Hard to Study

I mentioned in my last post that terrestrial snails are difficult to study because of the lack of good field guides.  That is only part of the problem.  Another issue is the names.  You key out a snail from a … Continue reading

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Firewood Critters

I’ve put off cutting firewood for most of the summer.  Now it is getting cold, and summer will soon be gone.  So I have started cutting some. I easily get off task, however.  Here are some critters I found under … Continue reading

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Life in a Vernal Pool

We have a temporary wetland on our property.  The water is not very deep–three inches at its deepest.  It’s really just clumps of grass with water in between.  The area is enough of a wetland to attract frogs, but it … Continue reading

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History of the Butterfly, Part 39: Malacological Smackdown, Part 2

So Samuel Parker decided he had discovered a new species of snail and wrote up a scientific description of it.  However, he had not reviewed the other species to see if there already was one like it.  The crowd snickered … Continue reading

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