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Out for a Stroll

I photographed some moss on a stump earlier today, and accidentally photographed some springtails out for a stroll.  I did not see them while I took the picture, only when I saw the photo on my computer screen. I don’t … Continue reading

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Life in a Vernal Pool

We have a temporary wetland on our property.  The water is not very deep–three inches at its deepest.  It’s really just clumps of grass with water in between.  The area is enough of a wetland to attract frogs, but it … Continue reading

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The Evil Springtail

During the spring and summer of 2010 I spent several days watching and photographing ants and visitors on a nest of the Allegheny mound-building ant.  On June second I saw what I thought was the most remarkable event I have witnessed on … Continue reading

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A Springtail

I found this springtail under some bark in my yard.  Springtails used to be classified as insects but now are mostly considered to be something other than insects.  I have not identified this one yet. This guy is very small.  … Continue reading

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