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The Dance of Life

Butterflies have a little dance they do prior to mating (or sometimes prior to not mating).  It often includes shimmering, shaking, and flying around in circling chases.  I saw two silver-spotted skippers in the dance this morning. They started in … Continue reading


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Swamp Milkweed and Three Butterflies

I saw this in the road ditch today. Two great spangled fritillaries and a monarch on swamp milkweed. I love summer.

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Today’s butterflies

Today was a good day for mosquitoes, but it also turned into a very good day for butterflies as well. Two or three cabbage whites were hanging around, and I chased this one for a while before it landed on … Continue reading

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Butterflies Showing Up

Butterflies are starting to show up in numbers now, and some species are showing up for the first time this year. Summer azures are flying in fairly significant numbers, hanging around dogwood trees and engaging in circling fights. Great spangled … Continue reading

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Summer is Slipping Away

My boys have started school.  One is a freshman, the other is a sophomore.  That is 9th and 10th grade for those of you who may not be familar with our system. With the days getting shorter and my life … Continue reading

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