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Wasps by the Apple Tree

We have an apple tree with a lot of fallen apples.  Saturday I spent some time photographing butterflies in, under, and around the tree.  But butterfly photography has a little bit of danger as well.  There were several species of … Continue reading

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My Home is my Castle

I saw these dogbane moth caterpillars the other day. They use silk to bind some leaves together in a loose structure, then surround that area by a nearly invisible network of silk.  While I was watching, I saw a parasitic … Continue reading

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What’s Going on Here?

A lot of times when blogging one is tempted to offer explanations of things going on in nature.  I am tempted to do that sometimes as well.  However, I find that there are times when I observe something and just … Continue reading

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Small Wasp

I found this small wasp on a flower the other day.  I think it is an Ichneumon but that is about as far as I can go with the ID.

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Nature at its Ugliest

Nature is not always beautiful or cute.  Sometimes it is cruel and ugly.  On July 14, 2010, while I was watching the mound of Formica exsectoides, I saw a very small form crawling up and down a blade of grass … Continue reading

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