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View from the Porch

It is great to live in the country.  Here was the view from my front porch tonight. The deer wondered around the yard then went across the road.  I watched for four or five minutes before it moved on.  It … Continue reading

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You are being watched

We have some huge old cottonwood trees near our place.  As I walked by one, I heard some rustling in the tree and the sound of babies talking to their mother.  I saw some young raccoons and the mother, but … Continue reading

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Wildlife out the Window

Living in a rural area like we do, we occasionally can see wildlife up pretty close. Deer come up into our yard to eat the pods that come from our locust trees.  I took this shot and then something spooked … Continue reading

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Heath Aster

Heath aster, Aster ericoides, is a late-blooming small white flower that is attractive to a wide variety of late season pollinators. It forms a wonderful backdrop for small butterflies, bees, wasps, and a host of small flies. When it has … Continue reading

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Noon Walk Butterflies

I take a walk over my lunch break, and I count butterflies as I am doing it.  Here are the results of this year’s surveys.  I saw 24 species, 943 total butterflies.  The species where I counted more than one … Continue reading

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California Ground Squirrels (and How to Kill Them)

I check out the bing.com search engine often–not to use the search engine, but to check out the photography.  They have a new spectacular image each day, and the subjects often involve nature. Yesterday they had a photo of two … Continue reading

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A monarch butterfly visited our flowers yesterday. I have heard talk about monarch numbers being lower than average this year.  In my experience, the numbers of most species of butterflies are low this year.  Monarchs are not noticeably rarer than … Continue reading

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A Good Year for Odonates

This has not been a good year for butterflies so far–the numbers are way down from normal years.  There is a different story for the odonates–the dragonflies and damselflies. We have good numbers and variety. Odes can be difficult to … Continue reading

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Mourning Cloak Butterfly

I saw this butterfly a number of times before I was able to photograph it.  In fact, while I was chasing it, it landed on me several times.  I did not get a picture, but it flew close enough that … Continue reading

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More Thoughts about Butterflies

I am getting ready to attend a conference about butterfly conservation soon.  I was thinking about some butterfly conservation issues, so I went through some of my photos to illustrate the points I would like to make. But the points … Continue reading

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