The history of the butterfly

Some of you know about my involvement with the butterfly called Oarisma poweshiek, or the Poweshiek skipper.  I have a web site about the Poweshiek skipper, and how it was discovered in Iowa.  That website is:

Postings on the history of the butterfly are about the charactors somehow involved with the discovery of the butterfly or about Poweshiek himself.  They will not be in chronological order.

In order to keep them straight, I will post a small bit about some of them on this page.

Helen Fitch Parker:  Wife of Henry Parker and published author.

Henry Webster Parker:  Henry Parker was a published poet, an ordained minister, and the person who scientifically described the Poweshiek skipper, (as Hesperia powesheik).

Samuel Parker:  Henry Parker’s father.  He went on a missionary trip to the west coast and wrote a best-selling book about the trip.

Kishkekosh:  A Meskwaki chief.  He was quick to attempt to adopt the habits of white settlers but was not loved or trusted by them, in comparison to Poweshiek.

Poweshiek:  Chief of the Meskwaki (a.k.a. Fox) Indian tribe just prior to the settlement of Iowa by people of mostly European descent.  His name meant “the roused bear”, and the title of this blog is taken from that.


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