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Baby Blues

I got a good look at the underside of a damselfly which I think was Lestes unguiculatus, the lyre-tipped spreadwing. The eyes captured my attention.

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Recent Butterflies

I have been lucky enough to have some time to photograph butterflies recently, and here are a few I have seen. This red-spotted purple was at The Ledges on Sunday. This eastern tiger swallowtail was visiting a wild bergamot in … Continue reading

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The Ledges Sunday

A couple of years ago I wrote about an Iowa state park called The Ledges.  At the time, a road in the park had been closed for a couple of years.  Extensive rains had flooded the park and caused erosion, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Iowa

Sometimes we just stand around and watch the traffic go by. Howdy! Between 1-35 and New Virginia, Ia.

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Beautiful Amputee

This red admiral is missing a large portion of its hind wing, likely from some traumatic event involving a near-death experience. It is also missing a portion of an antennae. It turns its good side towards the sun and continues … Continue reading

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I failed to find the Poweshiek Skipper (but my trip was still a success)

I have a particular obsession with a butterfly that I have never seen (at least in the adult stage).  Oarisma poweshiek was discovered in Grinnell, Iowa and described by Henry Parker in 1870.  Or maybe his wife discovered it–but that … Continue reading

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