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Azure Bluets

At another bioblitz near Boone, Iowa today I saw this accumulation of azure bluets.  This is a beautiful damselfly. The azure bluet is Engallama aspersum.

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Common Beauty

The summer azure, Celastrina neglecta, is a common butterfly right now.  I have posted a number of photos of this species.  However, I can’t resist posting just one more.  

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The Digger Bees are Back

I have a very large colony of digger bees living under my porch.  They showed up in numbers about Sunday of last week.  I was expecting them and watching for them.  I am not sure how much longer they will … Continue reading

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Shots from Chicago

The blackbird sign was just outside Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Here were a couple of shots from Chicago that I liked.  While I enjoyed the family vacation, I really like the nature that I see here at home.  I always … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Out of Town

I have been out of town on a family vacation.  Any guesses where?  Here is a very obscure clue. Well, it should not be too difficult to figure out.  But it does relate to my comments here.

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An Early Morning Break

Today I traveled back to Iowa.   It was about a six hour trip, but before I left I was able to revisit the location I went to on Monday night–a Minnesota wildlife management area called Poppel Lake. It was sunny, … Continue reading

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What Kind of Dragonfly has a Long Antenna?

This insect looks very much like a dragonfly. But it’s not.  It’s an adult antlion, as can be determined by its antenna. Sorry, I don’t know the species.

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Another New Butterfly

Yesterday I got some photos of another butterfly that was new to me.  Technically it wasn’t a new species though. This is a red-spotted purple, Limenitis arthemis.  I already was familiar with and had photos of this incredibly beautiful butterfly. … Continue reading

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A New Butterfly

I drove up to Little Falls, Minnesota today.  I was able to get out and photograph butterflies today.  One that is a very long shot that might be possible here is Oarisma poweshiek.  That would be huge, and I did … Continue reading

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Angry at Me

I admit I can really tick some folks off at times.  I do things they don’t want me to do, or go where I am not wanted.   This guy is really mad.  I have wandered into his territory and … Continue reading

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