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Best of the Year, 2015

I take a lot of photos every year, and this year was no exception.  Most of my photos are closeup photos.  I looked through my pictures, and came up with ten that I like the best. These are my favorites, … Continue reading

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Snow and Ornaments

We have had a warm December–lots of rain and green grass.  Today we got some snow, and I took a photo of some berries on a small tree. Merry Christmas.

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Don’t Know Much about Chemistry, Don’t Know Much Biology

I do know a little about chemistry and a little about biology.  But entire libraries have been written about both subjects.  Scientists know lots about both, and the subjects overlap. The thing is, though, that once you wade through enough … Continue reading

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A Click Mechanism

In the search for organisms that are able to convert kinetic or mechanical energy into chemical energy (kinetitrophic autotrophic organsms), we should consider the possible need for some sort of click mechanism. A click mechanism stores kinetic energy (or mechanical … Continue reading


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