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Why Politicians Need to Understand Biology

I have tried to stay away from politics with this blog, but today a politician made it impossible for me to do so. Todd Akin, Republican candidate for Senate from Missouri, said a woman can’t get pregnant from a “legitimate rape.” … Continue reading

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History of the Butterfly, Part 106: Another View

The National Republican was a Washington D.C. newspaper that started operation during Lincoln’s years in office and promoted, not surprisingly, causes aligned with the Republican Party. On the day after Rousseau’s assault on Grinnell, here is what they wrote about … Continue reading


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History of the Butterfly, part 105: Grinnell’s Side of the Story

From:  Men and Events of Forty Years, J.B. Grinnell, 1891: I never saw a man struck by another with a blow in anger until I was called to in a friendly voice on the porch of the capitol of Washington, … Continue reading

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The History of the Butterfly, part 104: Grinnell Gets Rattaned

June 13, 1866 was a pretty momentous day in the United States Congress.  On that day, Congress passed the bill that would become the 14th amendment to the Constitution. The 14th amendment is pretty significant.  The 13th abolished slavery, but … Continue reading

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Compelled to Comment

I feel compelled to comment on recent events.  After the military operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, former Vice President Cheney commented that the operation was successful in part because of information received from “enhanced interrogation techniques.” Shame on you, … Continue reading

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Just a Thought

I heard a brief story on the local news today.  One of the Iowa Republican politicians had suggested a law that would require Iowa’s public universities to hire equal numbers of politicians from each party.  He had observed that a … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the Pledge to America

I try to keep up with politics and I had heard about a group of Republicans who issued a document called The Pledge to America.  I have seen stuff about it in the news so I thought I would check … Continue reading

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