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Sunday’s Butterflies

Sunday was a great day for butterflies. Giant swallowtails are not common here, but they are large so I see them often enough.  I have tried to get a good photo of one around our house for years, and I … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Critters

I saw some neat critters yesterday as I was wandering around with my camera. This is a tachnid fly, probably a Cylindromyia sp.   A bullfrog found his way across the lawn. A Blanchard’s cricket frog hopped along the edge of … Continue reading

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Failed at Frogger

Life is made mostly of proteins.  Protein is about 16% nitrogen.  Plants convert sunlight into sugars, and the structures of plants are made of cellulose.  Sugars and cellulose don’t contain nitrogen.  As a result, plants contain a significantly lower percentage … Continue reading

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Against the Wind

Cool August days with puffy clouds are absolutely gorgeous.  I love being out in them.  But often they are windy, and wind does not help the butterfly photography. The wind doesn’t help the butterflies, either.  This viceroy was fighting the … Continue reading

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