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Wasps by the Apple Tree

We have an apple tree with a lot of fallen apples.  Saturday I spent some time photographing butterflies in, under, and around the tree.  But butterfly photography has a little bit of danger as well.  There were several species of … Continue reading

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Butterflies in the Apple Tree

I saw some butterflies in the apple tree tonight. These monarchs were trying to find a roost for the night.  As it was not yet dark, they were still quite easily spooked and flew off shortly after I photographed them. … Continue reading

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Pea’s Creek Damsels

Yesterday was hot and muggy.  I wanted to go someplace and photograph critters but the weather was not good for what I was trying to do.  Some butterflies were flying but were not nectaring for the most part.  Mosquitoes, heat, … Continue reading

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Trying to Understand Aphids

We have giant ragweed, Ambrosia trifida all over our place.  It’s a weed that grows where weeds grow.  A couple of smaller plants are growing along the driveway and they are covered with aphids. There is a lot of cool … Continue reading

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Fungus Gnats Among Us

When I photograph nature, I love finding some creature or behavior that I did not know existed until I photograph it.  Almost as good, though, is seeing something I have read about or heard about and not seen in real … Continue reading

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